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The word “Value” is often related to monetary measure; however, an organization’s Values have significant meaning and change very little over time, unlike monetary value. These six core Values are the building blocks of vision, people, and operations.
Positive energy and better work performance are behaviors most businesses seek from their workforce. With all the different cultures within organizations, shared Values, Mission and Vision statements connect employees beyond their personal environment. Midland County’s Values of Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Diligence, Respect, and Trust are strengths that will engage employees to be involved, enthusiastic, and further their organization’s interests. Midland County has developed programs for recognizing and honoring employees’ performance by incorporating the Values in their job performance.
Our team feels it is important to honor employees who encompass and embody all of the six core Values through their actions and behaviors. We expect loyalty, satisfaction, and best practices as a result of honoring employees’ behaviors that reflect our Values.
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