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The County Clerk is the office of record for Class A and B misdemeanors. These criminal cases are heard in the County Courts and are prosecuted by the District Attorney. The punishment for a conviction of a Class A misdemeanor has a maximum of $4,000.00 fine and/or 1 year in jail plus court costs. Probation is a possible punishment for some defendants. 
If a cash bond is posted at the time of arrest the defendant will be reimbursed the bond money when the case is disposed or sentence is imposed.  The defendant must furnish the receipt for the bond and identification.
The Clerk is responsible for the Court's record including all documents filed in the case. The Clerk also calls a jury if a case goes to trial and keeps all exhibits presented in the trial.
If a defendant is convicted of a crime, the payments for the fines and court costs are made at Warrant Services Office unless the person received probation. The payments may be mailed to Warrant Services at  709 W. Washington, Midland, Tx 79701 or made in person at Warrant Services.  All payments must be  money order.   A $2.00 administrative fee is charged with each payment.
If the balance of fines and fees are not paid by the due date a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
Mailing address for payments:
Midland County Clerk
500 N. Loraine St. 4th floor
Midland, TX 79701

Be sure to list Cause Number on your payment!