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Probate fees Local Government Code 118 and Government Code 51


     Probate of Will for Letters Testamentary $283.00​
     Probate of Will as a Muniment of Title $283.00
     Application for Letters of Administration ​ $283.00
     Application for Determiniation of Heirship ​ $283.00
     Small Estate Affidavit​ $249.00
     Application for Guardianship ​(Adult) $414.00
     Application for Guardianship (Minor under 12) ​$310.00
     Application for Mental Health Services ​$384.00
     Adverse action $110.00
     Will for safekeeping $  11.00




  1. $27.00 charge for any Inventory, Appraisement, and list of Claims.  Please include order approving the same. *If filed after the 90th day after the personal rep. has qualified to serve if the court grants an extension after the date of the extended deadline.
  2. $25.00 charge for filing an Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory, if filed on or after the 120th day after the initial filing of the action.
  3. $27.00 charge for filing Annual or Final Account on an Estate. Please include an Order approving the same.
  4. $59.00 charge for filing an Application for Sale of Real Estate or Personal Property.
  5. $12.00 charge for filing Annual or Final Report of Guardian of a Person.
  6. $2.00 charge for Letters Testamentary, Administration, or Guardianship.
  7. $1.00 charge per page for all copies.
  8. $5.00 charge for all Certifications.
  9. $10.00 charge for Exemplified or Authenticated copies.
  10. $100.00 charge for Personal Citations served the Sheriff's Department.
  11. $30.00 Charge for posted citations served by the Sheriff's Department.
  12. $4.00 charge for citations prepared by the clerk with service by attorney or processor.
  13. No charge for deposits into the Registry of the Court on non-interest bearing account, but there is an administrative fee on withdrawals of 5% of total or $50.00 maximum.
  14. $10.00 charge for all Claims filed.
  15. $40.00 charge for jury fees
  16. $25.00 charge for filing a document without a designated fee after the filing of an order approving the inventory and appraisement or after the 120th day after the initial filing of the action, whichever occurs first, if more than 25 pages.