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Records having to do with property are filed in Official Public Records. These instruments prove ownership of property or may restrict the transfer of property. These records are permanent records and are open to the public. The most common type of records filed in Official Public Records are:

  •   Deed of Trust
  •   Deed Records
  •   Tax Liens (State & Federal)
  •   Bill of Sale
  •   Conveyances
  •   Abstract of Judgments
The requirements for an instrument to be filed in Official Public Records are as follows:
  1. The document must be an original
  2. Title at top of document
  3. Grantees address
  4. Legal description (property must be located in Midland County).
  5. Signature typed or printed under signature
  6. Full acknowledgement with a seal or stamp (notary)
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for real property only can be filed in Official Records. Personal Property is filed with the Secretary of State. Please call (432) 688-4401 if you have any questions.
 Individuals submitting documents for filing will need to pay with a cash, money order or credit/debit card ($4.25 convenience fee).
Any document brought in for recording after 4:00 p.m. will be recorded the following business day.
Official Public Records (deeds)
     First page of document $26.00​
     Each additional page $4.00​
     Additional names to be indexed in excess of 5 $.25​
     Each Attachment of Rider $4.00​
Abstract of Judgment
     Filing Fee $26.00​
State Tax Liens
     Filing Fee $16.00​
     Release of State Tax Lien $16.00​
Federal Tax Liens
     Filing Fee $31.00​
     Release of Federal Tax Lien $31.00​
     Copy (each page) $1.00​
     Small $61.00​
     Large $81.00​
Real Property Records Copies
     Each page $1.00​
     Certification                                                                                                                                                                              $5.00​