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See generally Government Code Sections 25.0002 and 25.0003(a).


SEE SPECIFICALLY Government Code Sections 25.1671 and 25.1672 for the Midland County Courts at Law.


             These statutes provide concurrent jurisdiction with the district courts in:
             1.   family law cases and proceedings;
             2.   civil cases in which the amount in controversy exceeds $500 but
                   does not exceed $500,000; and
             3.   Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission appeals.


Midland County’s statutory county courts at law have probate jurisdiction concurrent with the County Court.


In matters of concurrent jurisdiction, transfer of cases and exchange of benches may be accomplished per Government Code              Sections 25.1672(c), 24.303 and 74.121.


The County Courts at Law are the appropriate court in which to file eminent domain/condemnation cases.


Kyle Peeler has been the Juvenile Board’s designated Juvenile Court Judge in Midland County since January of 2011.