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 Hot Check Division

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Hot Check Division​


The Hot Check Division of the Midland County District Attorney's Office is responsible for the investigation of cases involving the issuance of worthless checks and thefts or fraud involving checks.  We work with merchants and check writers to recover funds lost in these cases.

 The procedures for filing a returned check are listed in the merchant information below.  The Merchant Agreement Form needs to be submitted only once.  A Hot Check Information Form must be submitted with each check filed.  A Returned Check Notice letter is included for convenience.


Merchant Information

Hot Check Procedures

Merchant Hot Check Agreement

Hot Check Information

Returned Check Notice

Affidavit of Service




Information for Check Writers

 Payments on hot check cases can be made by mail, in person, or online.  The Hot Check Division accepts ONLY money orders or certified cashier's checks.  Credit cards may be used only for online payment.


 The address for mail and in-person payments:        Midland County District Attorney's Office

                                                                                                       Hot Check Division

                                                                                                       500 N. Loraine, Suite 200

                                                                                                       Midland, TX 79701


 Online Payments:   Use bureau code 2401874.


 If you are working with an investigator on a case, please DO NOT address the payment to the investigator.   They do not collect funds.  The investigator will be notified of your payment.



Frequently Asked Questions


Someone claiming to be a District Attorney Investigator is attempting to contact me by phone, at my home, or through social media.  Is this a scam?

 Our investigators attempt to make contact with the persons involved in a check case and may use email, text, or social media in addition to phone calls or in-person contact.  To confirm that the person contacting you is one of our investigators, call our office and confirm their identity.  Our investigators are certified peace officers.


I've been notified that I have an outstanding check filed with the District Attorney's office.  What should I do?

Contact the Hot Check Division and discuss the case with us.  In almost all cases the balance can be paid and the case will be closed.  If the case is ignored, it will result in a warrant for your arrest.


I was arrested for a hot check warrant.  What shoud I do?

Have your attorney contact the prosecutor assigned to your case.  Our investigators can no longer work with you after the case is indicted.  Paying the balance after arrest will not cause the charge to be dismissed.


Can I make payments on an outstanding balance?

In many cases, reasonable payment arrangements can be made.  This requires a written agreement as to payment terms.  If you stop making payments, you can be criminally charged for the full amount.  It is important to stay in contact with the investigator assigned to your case.




Midland County District Attorney

Hot Check Division

500 N. Loraine, Suite 200

Midland, TX 79701