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 Victim Assistance Division: 432-688-4411

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 Midland County Victims Assistance Division 
      The Midland County District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Division educates crime victims about the criminal justice process and provides information about social service agencies that can best handle their particular needs. Services are available to victims of violent crimes such as assault, homicide, sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping and any other cases involving serious bodily injury and to the relatives of deceased victims.  Upon indictment of a felony case or acceptance of an applicable misdemeanor case by the District Attorney’s Office, the Victim Witness Liaison sends a contact packet to the crime victim. The packet contains an introduction letter, informational brochures, Victim Impact Statement for the victim to complete, and application for Crime Victim’s Compensation. The Victim Witness Liaison offers assistance to help complete the Crime Victim’s Compensation application and Victim Impact Statement.  The Victim Assistance Division provides a comfortable waiting area away from the courtroom and public where victims and their families may gather during the course of a trial.

If you have misplaced your Victim Impact Form, you are free to download it here from the link below. You may email the completed form back to 
If a victim has any questions or concerns during the course of prosecution of their case, he or she should contact the prosecutor or the prosecutor’s assistant.
If you have any questions concerning Crime Victim Services, please contact Kara Welch at 432-688-4411.

Crime Victim’s Compensation Program

The Crime Victim’s Compensation is a division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office created to help victims of violent crime in Texas.
You may contact the Crime Victim’s Compensation Division at 1-800-983-9933 or (512) 936-1200 or through their website Attorney General Crime Victims Compensation
Persons eligible to receive to receive compensation include victims who suffer bodily injury, emotional harm or death as a result of violent crime. This includes:
·       U.S. residents who become victims of crime in Texas and Texas residents who become victims of crime in a state or country without a compensation program.
·       Dependents and/or family members of those victims and people who legally or voluntarily assume expenses related to the crime.
·       Peace officers, firefighters, and other individuals whose employment includes the duty to protect the public.
Costs that might be compensated include the following:
·       Reasonable medical, prescription, and rehabilitation expenses.
·       Mental health counseling.
·       Funeral expenses.
·       Loss of earnings or support.
·       Child care expenses to enable a victim, spouse, surviving spouse of a deceased victim or guardian to continue employment.
·       Reasonable cost associated with crime scene cleanup.
·       One-time payment for help with relocation expenses and rental assistance for domestic violence victims.
Contact the Crime Victim’s Compensation Program for more information regarding the program including eligibility requirements, maximum recovery amounts, reporting the offense and filing an application. The link to that programs is :

IMPORTANT: The Victim must file a claim for compensation with the Crime Victim’s Compensation Program within 3 years of the date of the crime if the crime occurred after September 1, 1997. If the crime occurred before September 1, 1997, the claim must be filed 1 year from date of the crime. Child victims filing an application have until their 21st birthday to file the claim.


Contact Phone Numbers and Resources in Midland County

Individuals may contact these resources for assistance and information; however, these resources are not affiliated with the Midland County District Attorney’s Office.
Phone Number
Adult Protective Services (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)
(432) 686-2273
Centers for Children and Families
(432) 570-1084
Children’s Advocacy Center
(432) 682-5465
Child Protective Services (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)
(432) 686-2273
Fairhaven Transitional Housing
(432) 689-3411
Midland County Crisis Intervention Unit
(432) 688-4635
Midland County District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Division
(432) 688-4411
Midland County Jail
(432) 688-4745
Midland Memorial Hospital Emergency Room
(432) 222-1111
Midland Police Department Crime Victim Liaison
(432) 685-7584
Palmer Drug Abuse Program
(432) 685-3645
Permian Basin Community Centers for Mental Health (Suicide Hotline)
(432) 570-3300
Rape Crisis Center
(432) 682-7273
24 Hour Suicide Hotline (844) 420-3964
Rays of Hope Children’s Grief Center
(432) 684-5437
Safe Place
(432) 570-1465
Salvation Army
(432) 683-3614
Stay Together Program (Runaway Prevention) (Highsky)
(432) 699-1466
Survivors of Homicide
(432) 570-4621