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  1. Transmissions completed during a normal business day before 5:00 PM and accepted for filing will be file marked at the time it is received.  Transmissions completed after 5:00 PM, on weekends and holidays will be verified and filed before 10:00 AM on the first business day following.
  2. The following documents will not be accepted for filing through fax.
    1. Documents that require a filing fee to be paid.
    2. Signed Orders or Judgments, or any document requiring a notarized or verified signature.
    3. Return services on citations and/or writs.
    4. Bonds
  3. A document is filed when it bears the official date and time file stamp.
  4. Documents must be signed and the copy received must be clear and legible.
  5. A cover sheet must accompany every transmission which shall clearly identify the sender, the document being transmitted, and the number of pages.
The fax number for the District Clerk of Midland County is (432) 688-4934.