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 385th District Court

​500 N. Loraine St. 
Suite Number 801
Midland, TX 79701

Phone: 432.688.4385
Fax: 432.688.4935
Jury Phone In: 432.688.4901
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Courtesy Copies

 1.    The Court finds courtesy copies of motions, responses, case law and briefs to be helpful, but not mandatory.  You may provide courtesy copies when the motion is set or as soon thereafter as possible.   The sooner the documents are provided the more time the judge has to review. 

2.    If you want to provide a notebook of motions, briefs, law and exhibits for a hearing, please provide it before the hearing and as early as possible to enable the court to use it to its highest purpose and to save the court from making and organizing personal copies.
Requesting a Hearing
1.    Unless you want a hearing set at the court’s convenience, request potential hearing dates from the court coordinator via email with all parties copied on the email. 
2.    The coordinator will then “reply all” with available dates and times. 
3.    Please do not copy the court coordinator with all the discussions of which date is best.
4.    Once the parties have agreed to a date and time, email the court coordinator with the agreed date and time and attach an order setting the hearing.  Make sure you copy all parties on the email with the agreed setting. 
Marking Exhibits


1.    Prior to trial, mark all exhibits with sequential numbers beginning with 1,2,3, and not alphabet letters.
2.    Prior to trial, provide a list of numbered exhibits to the court reporter. 
Jury Charge

Prior to trial, email your suggested charge to the court coordinator.