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 Elections Office

  Physical Address: 
  2110 North "A" Street, Ste 103  
  Midland, TX 79705

  Mailing Address:
  P. O. Box 3434
  Midland, TX 79702

                                                               Phone: 432.688.4890
                                                               Fax: 432.688.4912
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Help Wanted on Election Day!

On Election Day, over 100 election workers are needed to serve the voters in Midland County. This is a great opportunity to be involved in the election process.


You may join the Election Worker Team by completing the Election Worker Response Form
You may fax it (432-688-4912) or mail it to :
Midland County Election Office, P.O. Box 3434, Midland, TX 79702


General Information
  •   Resident of Midland County, Texas
  •   Registered to vote at current address
  •   Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  •   Workers report to their assigned work site on Election Day by 6:00 AM to prepare for 7:00 AM opening of the polls
  •   Following the close of the polls at 7:00 PM, all election workers assist the presiding judge in closing down the polling site
Presiding Judge Responsibilities
  •   Attend a training session, once a year, on polling site procedures; manual is provided
  •   On the day before the election:
      1) Pick up election supplies at the Election Office
      2) Verify all combination forms & ballots match polling place precinct(s)
      3) Designate the working hours of and assign the duties to be performed by the election clerks
      4) Call the assigned election workers to confirm that each one will report on Election Day
      5) Notify Election Office staff of any prospective absences
      6) Approval of time sheets for workers
  •   On Election Day:
      1) Set up the polling site and prepare booths for voting
      2) With assistance of the other workers, arrange polling site to receive voters, install all signs and work materials
      3) Officially open the polls
      4) Supervises the check-in of voters (maintains accurate combination forms)
      5) Close the polls. Officially close the doors to the polls at 7:00 PM, but allow all voters who were in line at 7:00 PM the opportunity to vote
      6) Return ballots promptly to the Election Office for tabulation; also return all election supplies
Election Clerks Responsibilities
  •   May attend a training session, once every two years, on polling site procedures; manuals are provided
  •   On Election Day:
      1) Assist the Presiding Judge and share responsibility for the operation of the polling site
      2) Assist with check-in of voters
      3) Assist with closing of the polls and packing of election supplies