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 Elections Office


  Physical Address: 
  2110 North "A" Street, Ste 103  
  Midland, TX 79705

  Mailing Address:
  P. O. Box 3434
  Midland, TX 79702

                                                               Phone: 432.688.4890
                                                               Fax: 432.688.4912
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City Annexations

Hike Bike Trail
City Street Map Midland County Road Map
Council Districts Midland ETJ Map
Development Parks and Schools
Downtown Midland Subdivisions Map
Fire Districts Voting Precincts
Flood Zones Zoning Map

The Texas Constitution requires that County governments redistrict their Commissioner Precincts once every ten years if the Precincts are not fairly equal in population. The federal courts have indicated that approximate equal population in "representative" officials districts means that there should not be a difference greater than 10% between the smallest and the largest district. The redistricting process occurs when the new federal decennial census has been completed. as completed the process of re-drawing its Commissioners Precincts. The County retained the services of the Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan, Kever and McDaniel, L.L.P law firm to assist in the redistricting process.