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 About Midland County Public Library

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Administration Library Numbers (all area codes 432)

Director: John Trischitti, III   688-4333
Assistant Director: Pat Brashear   688-4321
Program and Education Coordinator: Edward McPherson   742-7438
Centennial Manager:  Sharon Williams   742-7439 
Downtown/Bookmobile Manager:  Esther Alexander 688-4348

Centennial Numbers

MAIN:  742-7400
GENEALOGY:  742-7440

Downtown Numbers

MAIN:  688-4320
ADULT SERVICES:  688-4327/4328

  EMAIL: ​


Our Vision

The Midland County Public Library will strive to make its Citizen’s lives better
by providing information access to all people to meet their individual,
cultural, educational, and recreational needs in all formats.

Our Mission

The Midland County Public Library patrons will have access
to innovative library services, delivered in an efficient and effective manner, that will:

·         Assist each user to continue to grow and learn throughout his or her life,

·         Provide the materials, programs and services needed to meet his or her recreational needs,

·         Develop the ability of patrons to find and use information in a variety of formats, and

·         Provide the information services needed to answer their questions.

The Midland County Public Library has identified four primary services that are priorities within the library:

1.      Current Topics and Titles. The library will provide (within fiscal limits)
information in all formats to fulfill the community residents' appetite for information
about their world, popular culture, social trends, and their desire for satisfying recreational experiences.

2.      General Information. The library will provide general information to help
meet the need for information and answers to questions on a broad array of topics
related to work, school, and personal life.

3.      Lifelong Learning: The library will provide information to help address the desire
for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities.

4.      Local History and Genealogy: The library will offer local history and genealogy service
to address the desire of the community to know and better understand personal or community heritage.
The library will provide the best collection of materials and other resources that chronicle the history
of the community (first) and the area (second). This will include family histories and genealogical research.
Because Midland is a newer area of the country, the genealogical collection
will include wide geographic coverage. The local history of Midland will recognize
the importance of the petroleum industry to this area.

Patron Rules of Conduct at the library: