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THE TOP RATED QUESTION: Can I check out an item at one location and return it at another?
ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY!! You can return any item to either the branch or the main library during the regular business hours. ALSO, both locations have After Hours Return Bins, where you can return your items 24/7.


QUESTION: What is a TexShare Card? How do I get one?
ANSWER: The TexShare Card is a statewide library card that allows you to use materials in participating libraries throughout Texas. To get a card, go to the Circulation Desk, and present your MCPL card to get registered. The service is free.  For more information please call either Circulation desk at 688-4330 (Downtown) or 742-7410 (Centennial).

QUESTION: Do I need a library card to use the Interlibrary Lending Service? (ILL)

QUESTION: What if the library doesn't have the book I want?
ANSWER: See the person in Interlibrary Loan. We may be able to get it for you that way.  You may also place a request in the Comments box at the Downtown or Centennial locations asking the library to order a book (or DVD in the Media Comment box).


QUESTION: How do I get a Library Card? What do I do if I've lost my card? Can I get a card if I live in Stanton?
ANSWER: You will need to apply in person.  In order to obtain a library card you will need a license if it contains your current local address.  If you do not have a license with your current, local address you may bring in your Social Security card or other I.D. with proof of address.  Residential lease, current phone or utility bill, checkbook, voter’s registration, or automobile insurance are all acceptable for proof of address.  The proof of address MUST contain your name and current address.  Midland County Public Library currently issues cards to any resident of Midland County and all adjacent counties: Andrews, Crane, Ector, Glasscock, Howard, Martin, Reagan, and Upton.  For further information please don’t hesitate to contact the Circulation Department.  The downtown number is (432) 688-4330 and Centennial is (432) 742-7410.  If you have lost your card you may either use your I.D. to check out books or you may buy a new card for one dollar.

QUESTION: I'm from out of town. Can I use the computers?
ANSWER: Computers are located at the back right of the Downtown Library through the green gates, and just to the left of the entrance at the Centennial Library.  If you do not have a library card you may still use the computers by showing a photo ID to one of the staff working Periodicals.


QUESTION: How old do I have to be to use the computers?
ANSWER: There are three answers to this question. Children under 13 may use the computers in the Children's department in either location. Minors, from 13 through 17, must have a Library Internet Permission form, signed by parent or legal guardian. Adults 18 or over with a current Midland County library card may sign in on any available computer with their library card number. Adult visitors without a library card may use them by showing your drivers license.

QUESTION: Do you have books to help with tests-Nurse's aide, postal service, TAKS, airline mechanic, SAT, etc.
ANSWER: Yes. They're all in the nonfiction section. Ask the reference librarians for assistance in locating such books.

QUESTION: How much may I check out at one time?
ANSWER: That's a good question! The answer is rather complicated.
>>> ADULTS can have a total of 40 items on their card at any time in a mixture of up to 20 fiction books, 20 non-fiction books, 5 DVDs, 5 Videos, 5 CD Audio Books, 5 Cassette Books, and 5 Children's CD ROMs, (Games).
>>> MINORS can also have a total of 40 items. If you're checking out non-fiction items, there is a limit of 5 items per subject. Also, you may not check our more than 5 items by the same author.
The main things to remember are:

(1). The total of all items may never exceed 40, and

(2). You may not take out more than 5 items by the same author or on the same subject.


QUESTION: Do you have AR (Accelerated Reader) Books?
ANSWER: We don't have a separate section for AR books, nor do we have them marked, but we do have many of the books available. Just ask in the Children's department.

QUESTION: Where do I find a book with a "J" on it? For example, J346.01?
ANSWER: "J" means Juvenile, and J books are located in the children's department. The non-fiction J books are in a separate room at the back of the Children's department downtown.

QUESTION: Where can I find a quiet place in the library?
ANSWER: They are tucked in to various places. There are chairs and tables scattered throughout the room in reference/non-fiction, as well as various other chairs around the fiction area.

QUESTION: I have books and magazines to donate. Where do I take them?
ANSWER: Take your magazines to the DOWNTOWN LOCATION ONLY. We request that they be bundled in some manner, such as bagged, boxed or tied. Take book donations to the Friends of the Library Book Store, also called The Book Nook, located at 2305 W. Michigan. Their phone number is 682-2999.

QUESTION: Does the library have income tax information?
ANSWER: Yes, through the green gates in Reference.

QUESTION: Can I put a flyer on the bulletin board (or put brochures for distribution?
ANSWER: That depends. If you represent a non-profit group - School, Church, Charity, etc. and you are providing a service, you may put your flyer on the bulletin board downstairs and you may see if there is room for your brochures on the rack in the reference area.
If you represent a commercial enterprise of any kind, you may not use the library facilities to advertise.
All flyers and brochures will be monitored and may be removed at the librarian's discretion.

QUESTION: How do I sign up for the meeting room?
ANSWER: You may request meeting room use through the Adult Services department at Centennial Library by calling (432) 742-7420.

QUESTION: Does the library offer printing and/or fax services?
ANSWER: Yes.  The library allows printing from any of the public computers for .10 per page.  We also offer fax services for $1.00 per page.

Question: How far is it between libraries?
Answer: About 5 miles. 















































(More questions and answers will be posted in the future.)