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 Guest Writers Series

The Midland County Public Library Foundation and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to highlight Texas authors. Each author event will be held at the Centennial Library in the Laura Bush Community Room, followed by a book signing at Barnes & Noble, located in the same plaza. 2503 W Loop 250 N

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​Rebecca D. Henderson spent ten years living in Yunnan, China, near the border of Burma and Laos, where she worked as an English teacher, translator, amateur linguist, semi-professional truck driver, and barista, among many other jobs. She now lives and writes in Texas with her husband and four step-sons. She also cooks, runs, gardens, and hunts for buried treasure at thrift stores and garage sales.
Vadley Icon.jpg ​Book three of the Compound Series is about the trials of Lily "Jackie" Schwartz as she protects a small group of exiles from a dangerous society. It has been just less than a year since terrorists carried out world-wide attacks which crippled or destroyed most governments. Even where there were no attacks, the ensuing chaos ravaged the area. Lily is adept at using the rifle she carries and the pistol stuffed in her waistband. When the utilities failed, she and the women with her scavenged what they could, loaded it into Marie's large van, and fled south seeking a safe location near a river. Along the way, they rescued a young mother and her baby from a brutal man who had kidnapped her. He continued to menace them as they traveled. While avoiding him, they happened upon an abandoned farm near a large river. Now their scavenged food supplies are gone and their best option is to scavenge in the nearby-possibility violent-town or starve.