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Current Advisory Board Members 2016


Andy Shaffer
Term: Undetermined
 Alyson Trevino
 Term: 2014-2016 (1st)
Elizabeth Richmond
Term: 2014-2016 (1st)
 Grace Aguilar
Term: 2015-2017 (2nd)
Sara Bustilloz
Term: 2016-2018 (2nd)
Kenneth M. Morris
Term: 2015-2017 (1st)
Meredith Moriak Wright
Term: 2015-2017 (1st)
Robert R. Rice
Term: 2016-2018 (1st)
Leah K. Ellis
Term: 2016-2018 (1st)
 Cynthia Truitt
 Term: 2016-2018 (1st)
Midland County Public Library
Advisory Board
2017 Meeting Schedule
Meetings at indicated library at 4:00PM
10 January - Centennial
14 February - Downtown
21 March- Centennial
11 April- Downtown
9 May - Centennial
13 June- Downtown
11 July- Centennial
8 August- Downtown
12 September- Centennial
10 October- Downtown
14 November- Centennial
TBD December



Midland County Public Library Advisory Board


Article I.           Name
As authorized by the Commissioners Court, County of Midland, this body shall be known
as the Midland County Public Library Advisory Board.
Article II.        Meetings
Section 2.01 The regular meeting of the Library Board shall be held at a time designated
by the Board in the downtown library or such other place the Board may determine. 
Meetings shall be public, and notice shall be provided in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.
Section 2.02  Special meetings may be called by the Chair or at the call of any
two members of the Board, provided notice thereof be given to all Board members
by mail or email at least seventy-two hours prior to the meeting.
Section 2.03 A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum at all meetings of the Board.
Section 2.04 All questions presented for a vote of the Library Board shall be
decided by a simple majority of the quorum present.
Section 2.05 Any member of the Board who misses three consecutive meetings
without good cause as determined by Board officers shall be deemed to have
automatically resigned, and the Board will recommend to Commissioners Court
that a replacement be appointed for the balance of the unexpired term. 
Said member will be notified in writing before the third absence.
Section 2.06 Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern in the
parliamentary procedure of the Board, in all cases to which they are
applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws,
in which case these by-laws shall govern the proceedings. 
Article III.    Members
Section 3.01 The Midland County Public Library Advisory Board shall consist of 8 members
 appointed by the Commissioners’ Court.  In addition, the Board shall include
the incumbent President of the Friends of the Library as a voting member. 
Section 3.02 Members shall be qualified voters of the County of Midland.
Section 3.03 In order to reserve continuity of thought and action, members
shall be appointed for a term of three years, three members being appointed
1st and 2nd year and two members the third year. The ninth member of the
Board shall be the current Friends of the Library President.
Section 3.04 Members who have served two three-year terms may not be
renamed to the Board until the interim of one year has expired, except that
may be waived by specific approval of the Commissioners’ Court.
Section 3.05 The officers of the Board shall be a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary.
Section 3.06 Officers shall be elected and take office at the first regular meeting
after new Board members have been appointed and sworn in by the
County Judge or a designated member of the Commissioner’s Court.
Section 3.07 Vacancies in office shall be handled as follows:
(a)     In the event of a resignation or incapacity of the Chair,
the Vice-Chair shall become the Chair for the unexpired portion of the term.
(b)    Vacancies in officers other than the Chair shall be filled
for the unexpired term by special election.
Section 3.08 Duties of the officers shall be as follows:
(a)     Chair:
                (i)     Preside at all meetings.
                (ii)     Represent the Library Board at public functions.
                (iii)    Appoint special committees.
                (iv)    Assist Library Director in establishing the agenda for each meeting.  
                         Agenda items germane to library policies, functions or events requested by any Board member will be included.
(b)    Vice-Chair:
                (i)     Assist the Chair in directing the affairs of the Board and act in the Chair’s absence.
(c)     Secretary:
                (i)     Be responsible for the accuracy of the minutes of the Board meeting 
                        and bring any corrections to the attention of the Board at its next meeting.  
                        The Secretary shall sign the approved minutes and file in Record Book.
Article IV.     Committees
Section 4.01 Committees may be appointed for special purposes by the Chair
and with the vote of the majority of the Board.  All committees will have
at least one Library Board member serving on them.  These committees are
automatically dissolved upon completion of the assignment.
Article V.         Librarian
Section 5.01 The Library Director shall be an ex-officio member of the Board.
Article VI.     Powers and Duties of Board Members
Section 6.01 Board members shall:
(a)     Abide by applicable ordinances of Midland County and actions of the Midland County Commissioners Court.
(b)    Act in an advisory capacity of the Commissioner’s Court and the Library Director.
(c)     Recommend policies to govern the operation and program of the library
(d)    Assist in the planning and give guidance for improvement of library facilities and services.
(e)     Assist in interpreting the policies and functions of the Library Department to the public.
(f)      Encourage in every possible way the development and advancement of the public library.
(g)     Report to the Midland County Commissioners Court at least twice per year in open session.  
         The report will be made in writing and given to each member of the court.
Article VII.  Amendments
Section 7.01 These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting,
provided all members have been notified of the proposed amendments at least
ten calendar days prior to such meeting.  Any changes, amendments, modifications,
or new by-laws are subject to Midland County Court approval.