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The Midland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol has been in service since 1990. Originally utilized as a search and rescue unit, the Mounted Patrol has evolved into a unit that specializes in crowd control, evidence searches and honorary escorts. The Mounted Patrol currently consists of 43 Troops from approximately 7 different law enforcement agencies and the members are identified as follows :

Commander – Alan Thompson
Lt. Commander – Jake Ussery
Lt. Joe Martinez
Lt. Rick Lewis
Secretary Jo McClure

A1 Troop

Sgt. Larry Benningfield
Cpl. David Trujillo
Scott Casey
Chris Derrick
Kim Martinez
Debbie Miller
Vance Oliver
Steve Skaggs
Robert Strahan

A2 Troop

Sgt. Kenneth Callahan
Cpl. Dante Sorianello
Matt Coates
Roy Gladden
Will Gray
Seth Herman
Trish Kessler
Clint Sheets
Pam Sloan

A3 Troop

Sgt. Gaylon Smith
Cpl. Kelly Bairrington
Wren Howard

B1 Troop

Sgt. Ray Ramirez
Cpl. Mike Kessler
Ray Barry
Jody Gilles
Randy Scannell
Pam Young

B2 Troop

Sgt. Jay Freeze
Cpl. Steve Gray
Rose Armstead
Terry Gray
Bert Sheppard


Sgt. Freda Blythe
David Richardson
Emily Shelton
Joe Watters
Ray Weatherby
John Woodard


Mounted Patrol Lt. Joe Martinez is being presented the Midland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Officer of the Year Award by Sheriff Gary Painter.


Sheriff Gary Painter mounts up to ride with Mounted Patrol Troops.

On October 5th – 16th, 2009, Midland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Commander Alan Thompson and Assistant Commander Jake Ussery attended an 80 hour Mounted Patrol Instructors School in Orlando, Florida, conducted by Geiser Equine Training Mounted Police Division and accredited by the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Alan and Jake are now 2 of only 4 certified Mounted Patrol Instructors in the State of Texas.


Commander Alan Thompson receiving his graduation certificate


Assistant Commander Jake Ussery receiving his graduation certificate


The entire graduation class which had officers attending from New York City and other major metropolitan areas.

Once again the Midland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol participated in the Show of Support which was held at the Midland County Horseshoe on November 19th, 2009. This year 66 wounded warriors were honored for their sacrifice that was made for our freedom.