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The Midland County Sheriff's Office Visitation Annex is located at 2110 North A Street.

Visitation hours:

Saturdays  1-9pm

Sundays  1-9pm

Mondays  1-9pm

Tuesdays  1-9pm

All inmates will be allowed a maximum of two visitors per visitation week. Visitors must be on the inmate’s authorized visitation list form. Up to five names may be on the form. Anyone not on the list will not be allowed to visit the inmate. Changes can be made to the list upon request in writing to the jail administration and must be approved by the jail administration.  Each inmate will have a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per visitor. A visitor may visit only once per visiting week.

It will be the responsibility of the inmate to organize their visits. 

Children (under 17 years of age)   Sons, daughters, stepsons and stepdaughters will be permitted to visit their parents during the first full visitation week of each month. The first full visitation week of the month is defined as the first Saturday thru Tuesday of the same month. Only one child can visit at a time and must be accompanied at all times by their parent or guardian. This constitutes one of the two visits that the inmate can receive on that visitation week. The parent or guardian is responsible for the behavior and well being of the child during the course of the visit and while in the detention facility. If the child becomes disruptive, unruly, out of control or wanders away from the parent or guardian during the course of the visit, the visitation shall be terminated. Continued disruption of this nature may result in the child and or guardian being denied further visitation. The parent or guardian of the child shall be required to sign a liability release form prior to the child's first visitation.

No Purses, Backpacks, cell phones, or other items are allowed in the visitation area. 

Children will not be left unattended in the lobby or outside while adults visit.

Visitors will be required to provide a government identification card containing their photograph. (Example: State driver’s license, State identification card, or alien card).

Visitors will be dressed in a proper manner. The shift supervisor will make the final determination if a visitor disputes an employee's decision.
Visitors using abusive or profane language will be denied visitation

Visitors will conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Visitors will be denied visitation if they have been consuming alcoholic beverages or considered in an intoxicated state.

Visitors using abusive language towards any staff member will be denied visitation.