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The CivillWarrantlFugitive Section consists of 20 personnel. This includes a Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 17 investigators and 5 civilians.
This also entails 3 Mental Health officers.

Civil Section

The civil section consists of 4 civil officers, 2 secretaries, and 1 sergeant. The Civil officers' are charged with serving civil process generated by Midland County and civil process from other counties when a party to that process resides in Midland County. Civil process can range from a fairly simple service to a very detailed and time consuming process. At present, the civil section averages serving 234 papers per month. Less that 10% oft hose papers will be served by making one contact. Often times a simple service will take anywhere from one to four or more attempts before contact can be made and service completed.

Some processes that civil officer's serve:

  • *Writs of Possession
  • *Writs of Execution
  • *Writs of Attachment
  • *All other Writs
  • *Divorce Citations
  • * Temporary Restraining Orders
  • *Protective Orders

The Civil section also deals with:

  • *Loose Livestock Estray Laws and keeping Midland County in compliance with those Laws
  • *Conducting Abandoned Vehicle Sales for the County
  • *Conducting Sheriff's Sales for Midland County Appraisal District and Greenwood
  • Independent School District
  • *Maintaining an inventory and the use of the County Impound Yard.

Warrant Section
The warrant section consists of5 warrant officers, 3 secretaries, and I sergeant. The warrant officers' are charged with serving felony and misdemeanor warrants received from Midland County courts and warrants received from courts from other jurisdictions. The warrant section works closely with other local, state, and federal agencies for the safety and protection of our local community. The warrant officers also serve criminal subpoenas and transport prisoners. In 2007 the warrant section served 3869 warrants, 1259 subpoenas and transported 423 prisoners.

Mental Health Unit
The Mental Health Unit began on October 1, 2005, with two deputies under a grant from Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI). In September, 2007, TCOOMMI's grant allowed for the expansion from two to three deputies.

The deputies assigned to The Mental Health Unit are specially trained deputies who can respond to all crisis calls involving mental health issues. Our goal is to provide crisis intervention and consistent care and services for consumers who are in a mental crisis. Requests for Mental Health Deputies services comes from other Law Enforcement agency's in the county, local schools and colleges, hospitals, mental health and family services agencies, and family and friends of the consumer. The Mental Health Deputies also try to divert the mental health consumer from the Criminal Justice System when appropriate and into the appropriate mental health service provider. The Mental Health Unit works cooperatively with other agencies and entities to connect mental health consumers to resources available in the community and mental health system. In addition, the Mental Health Unit is charged with handling all mental commitments as well as transports
throughout the state to other mental health facilities.

The Mental Health Unit can be reached at (432) 688-4680 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm or (432) 688-4600 after 5pm and on weekends and holidays. The Midland County Sheriff's Office Mental Health Unit is currently staffed with three certified mental health deputies.