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The Midland County Sheriff's Office presently operates a Motorola Astro (tm) Project 25 VHF conventional radio system. This system consists of two Motorola Quantar repeaters operating in the digital mode that are used primarily for Sheriff's Office personnel engaged in Patrol, Investigations, and Civil/Warrant service.

A third Motorola Quantar operates in the analog mode, but is digital capable. This repeater is intended primarily for other users not involved in the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff's Office, but do require dispatching services. This channel is also available for interoperability between the Sheriff's Office and other agencies that have not yet made the transition to digital. Several simplex channels are also utilized in both analog and digital modes for Courthouse Security, SWAT and special events.

A fourth Quantar is used as a base station to accommodate the Statewide Interoperability channels, including "Texas Law 1 & 2", "Texas Fire 1" and the Midland County Fire frequency.

Dispatch personnel services are contractually provided by the City of Midland.

Mobiles consist of the Motorola Astro Spectra series, 128 channel, 100 watt, and portables are the XTS3000 series, 48 channel. Both run in mixed mode, analog and digital. The Sheriff's Office does provide a take home vehicle for Operations personnel, and those Deputies are assigned a vehicle, mobile and portable.

The majority of West Texas Law Enforcement uses VHF conventional analog. However, many County, State and Federal agencies operating in Texas have either migrated to, or are in the process of migrating to VHF Project 25. The Midland County Sheriff's Office saw the need to remain directly interoperable with as many area public safety agencies as possible without the need for additional communications infrastructure, or the intervention of a dispatcher. This system upgrade was made over a four year period.

A fifth phase addressed significant officer safety issues by adding receiver "voters", or "comparators", which would improve county-wide handheld radio coverage. Funding for three of these devices has been obtained by the Midland County Sheriff's Office through Homeland Security grants.  One of the devices has been installed and west-side portable coverage has increased greatly.  Installation of the remaining two devices and funding for third device should be completed by the end of 2006.

Through Sheriff Painter's initiative, the Department of Public Safety and the Midland County Constable's Office has access to the MCSO operations channel in the spirit of cooperation and interoperability.