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Midland County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division Goals and Objectives

There are 15 patrol deputies.  It is the goal of the Midland County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division to provide effective law enforcement service to the citizens of Midland County. This goal is accomplished by striving to achieve exemplary performance in the following areas:

To patrol Midland County in a manner to effectively reduce criminal activity.
To identify, apprehend, and assist in the prosecution of persons suspect of committing crimes.
Recover lost or stolen property.
Selective enforcement of traffic laws.
Provide assistance to the citizens of Midland County in areas of concern in the Law Enforcement community.
Assist other divisions of the Midland County Sheriff's Office and other Law Enforcement agencies in order to achieve and maintain a high degree of professional Law Enforcement.
While these goals and objectives are broad in scope, they do provide the officers a defined mission and do not in any way restrict the duties or responsibilities of the officers of the Patrol Division.

Midland County Sheriff's Office Patrol Shifts

The Midland County Sheriff's Office Patrol section is commanded by one Lieutenant who supervises three shift Sergeants, three Corporals, fifteen patrol officers and one secretary.

A 7:00 am TO 5:00 pm 
B 4:30 pm TO 2:30 am 
C 9:30 pm TO 7:30 am
D Criminal Interdiction Officer's schedule is set by the Patrol Lieutenant.  

Racial Profiling

Employees of the Midland County Sheriff's Office shall not engage in racial profiling. Racial profiling is defined as "a law enforcement initiated action based on an individual's race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than on the individual's behavior or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity." Racial profiling is illegal, inconsistent with the principles of American policing, and an indefensible public protection strategy.

Complaints on incidents of racial profiling shall be handled through policies and procedures as established in Chapter Three of the General Manual. Racial profiling is a major infraction, and employees involved in such activity will be subject to disciplinary action.

This policy is in compliance with state law (Senate Bill 1074).