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The Midland County Tax Office collects fees for boat title and registration on behalf of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. You may pay these fees at the downtown Tax Office or through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Headquarters in Austin, or through any Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Field Office. If you have questions concerning boat registration and title information, such as registration/title fees, please feel free to contact the Midland County Tax Office. To download various forms relating to boat registration, go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Forms Page.
Effective January 1, 1994 all vessels and outboard motors were required to be titled. Exceptions are canoes, kayaks, punts, rubber rafts and rowboats when they are paddled, poled, oared or windblown. If a sailboat is under 14 feet and meets the above criteria, it is not required to be registered or titled. However, all sailboats 14 feet in length and longer require registration and titling.  Electric and battery-powered outboard motors are not required to be titled. 

Vessels that are currently registered and not titled need only be titled when transferred. Currently owned outboard motors under 12 horsepower may also be titled at the time ownership is transferred.


If you want to renew the registration of a boat that is registered in your name, submit a copy of your registration card, or a copy of your title, along with your personal check or money order for the renewal fee. The Tax Office receipt will allow you to lawfully operate the boat  until your Certificate of Number and decals are received. Please mail your letter, check or money order to Kathy Reeves, Tax Assessor-Collector, Attention: Boat Department, 2110 N "A" St., Midland, Texas 79705. Make your check payable to Kathy Reeves. If you prefer to renew the title or registration in person, the Tax Office is located at 2110 N "A" St., Midland.


Boat / Outboard Motor and Related Items

Vessel Registration  
Less than 16 feet in length (Class A) $32
16 feet but less than 26 feet in length (Class 1) $53
26 feet but less than 40 feet in length (Class 2) $110
40 feet in length or longer (Class 3) $150
Livery boat less than 16 feet in length3 (Class A) $32
Certificate of Number (registration ID card):
Transfer of Ownership (any Texas registered vessel)   $11
Replacement Certificate of Number Card   $11
Corrected Certificate of Number Card   $11
Replacement Registration Decals with new certificate of number card (required)   $22
Certificate of Title- Vessel/Outboard Motor   $27
Certificate of Title- Transfer of Vessel/Outboard Motor $27
Certificate of Title- Replacement for Lost or Destroyed Title $27
Certificate of Title- Correction Transaction $27
Certificate of Title- Bonded Title $37
"Quick" Title - (To expedite the replacement of lost or destroyed titles only) $64
New Resident Tax (applies to owner relocating from out of state to Texas) $15
Sales / Use Tax (percentage of the sales price) 6.25%
Penalties and Interest (apply 20 business days after the sales date - see form PWD 930 to
calculate the amount owed)
Game Warden Inspection / State Assigned Hull Identification Number $25
Ownership History Request $11
Annual Inspection $132
New License Application $132
Renew Existing License $53
Replace a Lost or Destroyed License $53
Update an Existing License $53
New License Application $500
Additional Marine Decal and 10 card $126
Renewal of License $500
Transfer Business (New Owner) $500
Transfer Business Location (Same Owner) $11
Correction / Update of Information $4