Probate Case Information

Effective August 1, 2015 Electronic Filing is required in Midland County in all civil cases, including family and probate cases, by attorneys in appellate courts, district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional county courts and statutory probate courts.


Effective 12/11/2018 Civil Case information sheet is no longer required to be filed with any civil original petition or application,  including  probate, guardianship and mental health filings.  Misc. Docket No. 18-9163 Supreme Court of Texas, Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 78A is repealed.

Probate Filing Fees

Local Government Code 118 and Government Code 51

Application to probate will for Letters Testamentary$283
Application to probate will as a Muniment of Title$283
Application for Letters of Administration$283
Application for Determination of Heirship$283
Small Estate Affidavit$249
Application for Guardianship (Adult)$404
Application for Guardianship (Minor under 12)$300
Application for Temporary Guardianship (Adult)$370
Application for Temporary Guardianship (Minor under 12$266
Application for Mental Health Services$384

All Other Fees

Inventory, Appraisement and list of claims
*if filed after the 90th day after the date qualified or filed after the granted extension date
Affidavit in lieu of filing InventoryNo Fee
Order signed by the Judge$2 
Issuing Letters or Abstracts$2 
Issuing Documents$4
Personal service by the Sheriff's Office$100 
Posting by the Sheriff's Office$30 
Citation by publication$100 
Service by certified mail$100 
Non certified papers$1 
Clerk's certification$5 
Exemplified or Authenticated certificate$10 
Will for safe keeping$11 
Registration for private professional guardian$30 

To Be Charges 120 Days After Initial Filing Date or After Order Approving Inventory

Any document more than 25 pages$25
Annual or final account of the estate$25
Application for sale of personal or real property$59
Annual or final report of the person$10