Road & Bridge


Roads Under Construction:

  • ROAD CLOSED: WCR 127 is closed from SCR 1290 to SCR 1286 to through traffic until further notice. Workers in the area will be the only ones allowed through. The road is closed completely from West Texas Drum to SCR 1286 is completely closed and no traffic will be allowed through during the construction. Please find alternate routes during this time.

  • ROAD CLOSED: WCR 127(on the east side of FM 1788) is closed from SCR1278 to the Goodyear Tire Center. Please find alternate routes during the construction periods.

  • Fairgrounds at City View Road will be closed to place cement in the area. Please avoid this intersection

Starting 3/1/2020 Roads Under Construction:

  • EXPECT DELAYS: Construction on SCR 1210 (Midkiff) between WCR 140 heading north to I-20. There is a portable stop light being used during construction.

 Please find an alternate route during this time.

Concerns & Complaints

Midland County does not maintain public roads that are not part of the Midland County road system. FM and State Highways are maintained by Texas Department of Transportation. These roads are maintained (repaired) by the corresponding municipalities; except for private roads.

Submit a complaint to the Road and Bridge Department.