Road & Bridge


Starting 3/19/2019:
Midland County Road crews will be doing road work over the next couple of weeks.
Affected areas are:
Off of FM307 on SCR 1082, SCR 1083, SCR 1084 and SCR 1086.
They will then move to:
SCR 1110 between FM307 & ECR 120
SCR 1118 and SCR1119 off of ECR 108

Beginning mid-April the railroad crossings on SCR 1310, SCR 1290 & SCR 1250 will be closed for repairs by railroad personnel.


Please find an alternate route during this time.

Midland County does not maintain public roads that are not part of the Midland County road system. FM and State Highways are maintained by Texas Department of Transportation. These roads are maintained (repaired) by the corresponding municipalities; except for private roads. 

Concerns & Complaints

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