Road & Bridge


Starting 7/15/2019 Roads Under Construction:

  • Jones Bros. will begin construction on the south end of Cotton Flat Rd and work their way north.

Starting 7/25/2019 Roads Under Construction:

  • EXPECT DELAYS: SCR 1200 (Cotton Flat Road). Temporary lights are being used.

    For residents with driveways connected to Cotton Flat, please wait at the end of your driveway and follow the pilot car to avoid head on collisions.

Starting 9/24/2019 Roads Under Construction:

  • EXPECT DELAYS: Construction on SCR 1210 (Midkiff) between WCR 180 going north to WCR 140. There is a portable stop light being used during construction.

 Please find an alternate route during this time.

If you live outside of Midland city limits, in Midland County, and want to build a driveway, you need to come by the Road & Bridge office to get a driveway permit.
The office is located at 2435 E HWY 80 Midland, TX 79706

Midland County does not maintain public roads that are not part of the Midland County road system. FM and State Highways are maintained by Texas Department of Transportation. These roads are maintained (repaired) by the corresponding municipalities; except for private roads. 

Concerns & Complaints

Submit a complaint to the Road and Bridge Department.