Civil & Warrants Section

The Civil / Warrants Section of Midland County Sheriff’s Office is led by Lieutenant Alma Acosta.

  1. Civil Section
  2. Warrant Section
  3. Crisis Response Team
  4. Crime Scene Unit
  5. CSU- Property & Evidence

The civil section consists of five civil officers, two secretaries, and one sergeant. The civil officers are charged with serving civil process generated by Midland County and civil process from other counties and states, when a party to that process resides in Midland County. Civil process can range from a fairly simple service to a very detailed and time-consuming process. 

At present, the civil section averages serving 382 papers per month. Less than 10% of those papers will be served by making one contact. A simple service of civil process will take anywhere from one to four or more attempts before contact can be made and service completed.

Civil Processes

Below is just a few of the civil processes that civil officer's server:

  • All other Writs and All Civil and Criminal Subpoenas
  • Attorney General Citations
  • Civil Process
  • County Court
  • Delinquent Tax Citations
  • Federal Court Citations
  • Justice Court
  • Protective Orders
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Writs of Attachment for Persons and Property
  • Writs of Execution (Court Collections)
  • Writs of possession (Court Repossessions)

Other Responsibilities

The civil section also deals with:

  • Loose Livestock "Estray Laws" and keeping Midland County in compliance with those laws.
  • Conducting Abandoned Vehicles Sales for the County
  • Conducting Sheriff's Sales for Midland County Appraisal District and Greenwood Independent School District
  • Maintaining an inventory and the use of the County Impound Yard