Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Section of the Midland County Sheriff's Office is led by Lieutenant Chris Fuentes.


  • The section consist of one Lieutenant, two supervisory sergeants; one for the property crimes and the other for person and juvenile crimes.
  • We have three specialized officers: one D.E.A. Task Force Sergeant, one D.E.A. Task Force Investigator, and one H.I.D.T.A. Investigator.
  • There are ten Investigators, six of which work property crimes, and four that works persons crimes.
  • We have two secretaries that work with everyone in Criminal Investigation Section, along with two part time employees who place cases and fingerprints into our system. Lieutenant Fuentes is also the S.W.A.T. Commander.


The Midland County Sheriff'S Office criminal investigation division is charged with the responsibility of investigating all criminal offenses that victimize Midland County citizens. It is the responsibility for the Criminal Investigations Section to:

  • Complete investigations of all crimes in Midland County
  • Recovery of property and evidence in all cases
  • Identification and apprehension of offenders
  • Provide crime prevention education to the public
  • Provide drug awareness education in the schools
  • Support our Crime Stoppers program and check up on all tips submitted
  • Conduct Brady Bill background checks on potential firearms purchases
  • Check status and addresses of all sex offenders registered in Midland County
  • Work with the D.E.A. Task force on Drug cases. 

It is Criminal Investigation Section's responsibility to the public to work the cases that are given to us to the best of our ability. This also means to work with other agencies and the District Attorney to get Justice for our citizens.