Freda Blythe

Presented In Memory Of Corporal Freda Blythe

  • Patrol Section - Public Safety Division - Midland 
  • County Sheriff's Office - From April 10th, 1995 till August 20th, 2010

About Freda

For 15 years of exemplary service to the Citizens of Midland County and the Midland County Sheriff's Office. Although her main duties were as a Patrol Corporal, Freda also was a volunteer on the Mounted Patrol and the Honor Guard. In 2007 Corporal Blythe was selected as the VFW Post 7208 Officer of the Year and in 2008 Corporal Blythe was selected by her peers as the Midland County Sheriff's Office Patrol Officer of the Year. Also in 2008, Corporal Blythe participated in the Police Unity Tour, which is a 300 mile long Bicycle ride to honor fallen law enforcement officers. 

A certified instructor in the Israeli self defense KRAV MAGA, Corporal Blythe was also an active volunteer in the Show of Support, a program that honors wounded military warriors and she also volunteered in the Neighborhood Watch program. Struck down before her time, Patrol Corporal Blythe displayed great courage and character in her battle against cancer. An inspiration to everyone she came in contact with, Patrol Corporal Blythe will be missed by all, but never forgotten.

In Memoriam

"She Will Do"

"Let us cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees."

Freda Blythe in uniform standing beside cruiser