Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Investigators

Midland County has two licensed Texas Peace Officers who enforce the State’s public health laws. These trained Environmental Investigators are dedicated to enforcing the law and work with authorities to prosecute offenders who violate environmental laws on public and private proprieties within the unincorporated areas of Midland County.

These officers not only investigate the illegal dumping of waste, but also public nuisance properties, junked vehicles, and used tire dumping. We enforce violations of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Texas Water Code, Texas Penal Code, and Texas Transportation Code. In addition to responding to complaints, these officers proactively patrol the county looking for violations and tracking violators.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping or “fly tipping” is the act of illegally disposing of waste by unauthorized methods. Dumping waste into a dumpster not belonging to you is considered illegal dumping as well. Illegal dumping is distinguished from littering by the type and amount of waste that is being disposed of. “We’re All In This Together”

Illegal dumping turns your community into a “dump”!

Reporting Illegal Dumping

To report illegal dumping, you can do one of the following:

  • Submit a complaint using this form
  • Submit an email the Environmental Enforcement office
  • Call 432-688-4479 to report an active Illegal Dumping in Midland County
  • Texas residents may also report Illegal Dumping to Texas Environment Complaint Hotline by calling 1-888-777-3186 or by visiting their website tceq.texas.gov/compliance/complaints