Library Card Policies

Card Holder Agreements

  • Accept responsibility for items checked out to library card
  • Follow all library policies and regulations
  • Return all borrowed materials
  • Pay all fees or charges on their own card or any card for which they are responsible. 
  • Report a lost/stolen card
  • Report a change of address, phone number, and/or email

Returning Items

Items may be returned to the Centennial Library during regular business hours. The Centennial location has a book return bin available 24/7. You may also return items to the Bookmobile when it is open. 

Renewing Materials

All library materials are allowed one renewal if they are not on hold for another library user or are part of a waiting list. If library users wish to check out the item an additional time aside from that first renewal, they must wait 24 hours before they can check out the item. 

Overdue Items & Fees

Midland County Public Libraries (MCPL) do not have late fees for overdue items. A temporary block will be placed on your account if an item is overdue. Once the item returns, the block will be removed and all library privileges returned. If there are overdue items on a minor borrower card, the responsible adult borrower card and any subsequent card linked to that account will be placed in a temporary block. 

Fees are applicable if an item has been lost and/or damaged.

 fees for lost or damaged materials

Items that cannot be returned to the library's collection are charged to the borrower's account plus $5 processing fee. 

Payment Methods 

MCPL accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check

If making a payment by check, the name on the check must match the name of the account the fee is under. If the fee is under a minor's account, the parent/guardian responsible for the said minor may write a check as long as it is their name that the check is under. 

Placing a Hold

If an item you want is not available at the time of your visit, you may place a hold on the item. If the item is located at another branch, it will be sent to the location most convenient to you. If all copies are checked out and there is a waiting list, you will be added to the list. 

Library users may place a hold on collection items in several ways:

  • In person 
  • Contacting Circulation via phone 
  • Accessing their account online with their library card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Based on the preference on your account, you will be notified by email or phone call when your item arrives. Arrived holds are set aside for three business days under the library user's last four digits of their phone number on file. If the hold has not been checked out by the third day, it will be returned to the shelf or given to the next person on the waiting list. 

Replacing Library Cards

If your library card has been lost/stolen, please report the loss to Circulation as soon as possible. In order to replace a lost/stolen card, we ask that you come to the Circulation desk for a replacement. Replacements cost $1. 

Updating Expired Cards

Expired library cards are barred from checking out library items, downloading eBooks and audiobooks, and computer use. To update an expired card, please contact Circulation in person or by phone. Only the responsible cardholder may renew/update their own card and/or any cards attached to their account. No minor may update their own card. 

Library Refund Policy

MCPL does not issue immediate refunds. If a lost item is found within 30 days from payment, library users have the right to request a refund check. The returning item must be accompanied by the receipt. A Check Request Form is available at the Circulation desk. Midland County will process the request, and a check will be mailed to the applicant. 

Processing fees are nonrefundable. 

Interlibrary Loan

Items not owned by MCPL may be borrowed from another library through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. IIL is a service that is free of charge, except on the occasion that the lending library charges a fee or postage is required. Library users must agree to these charges prior to ordering. Request items with this form

Library Card

Library Card