Large Meeting Rooms

Holds a maximum of 174 people; 50 to 60 seated comfortably with tables. Tables and chairs are already furnished, and able to be moved to suit the needs of the program. Food is allowed -  clean up after yourself please.   


  • Projector including sound
  • White Board (Markers and eraser available at Adult Services Desk
  • Wireless Microphone 
  • Podium with wired Microphone
  • Computer with internet access is already linked to projector
    • Flash Drives can be accessed on computer
    • Personal computer may be connected instead if it has an HDMI or VGA cable port
  •  VGA and HDMI cords available at Adult Services Desk
  • Power Point slide handheld clicker available at Adult Services Desk
  • Dry pantry with room access (microwave and coffeemaker)
People sitting at tables in large meeting room

Large Meeting Room Policy

Midland County Centennial Library meeting room is available for use without charge to nonprofit, educational, cultural and/or civic organizations when they are not in use for Library-sponsored or Library related programming. The meeting room and study rooms may not be used by the public for commercial or business purposes (with the exception of staff / new employee training). All meetings must be free of charge, and open to the public at large. Further, the Library is a tobacco and alcohol-free space.

Availability, Reservations & Cancellations

  • Meeting Room 113 is available only during the normal operating hours of the Library for groups of 15 or more; groups of 7 to 14 may use Conference Room 117; and fewer than 7 may utilize the study rooms. The Media Lab is only available to those who intend to use it for its instituted purpose. Meetings may be scheduled to begin as soon as the Library opens, and must conclude 10 minutes prior to the Library closing.
  • Requests for Room 113 or 117 should be completed in writing using the official Meeting Room Reservation GoogleDoc form. Each group must designate, on the reservation form, a representative/agent who shall be held responsible for the group and the room during its use. Reservations will be accepted from adults only.
  • All reservation forms will be submitted either in person or via email to Library staff at the Adult Services Help Desk at least 24 hours (working days) in advance of the first date desired for the meeting room. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Any cancellations or changes should be submitted to Library staff immediately. Groups that cancel meetings or routinely arrive late, without notifying the Library, may be denied future use of rooms.
  • No group may assign its space or reservation to another group.
  • Reservations for subsequent use of the room must be made each month, and after the first use, may be made by phone by the group's representative.


  • Utilization of Library rooms must be in full compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, as well as library policies. Access to any meeting will not be denied or abridged because of race, origin, age, background, views, disability or membership in any group.
  • Meeting Room use must not disrupt the normal use of the Library for patrons who are not meeting participants. Persons using the meeting room are subject to all library rules and regulations.
  • If white boards are used, they should be erased before leaving.
  • Groups or organizations using room 113 may set up chairs, tables, etc. in any fashion they desire. All groups must return the furniture in the room to the layout that existed upon their arrival. In the event that a group is serving food and/or drink, all trash must be placed inside receptacles provided, and any spills, etc., must be cleaned up prior to responsible group leaving the Library.
  • Prior to reserving the Meeting Room, the representative should refer to the specifications of the room (posted just inside the door) for maximum occupancy numbers permitted. Groups that may have reason to anticipate a crowd that exceeds the safe use capacity of Room 113 (176) should refrain from using the room.
  • The Library must be furnished with a copy of any publicity being distributed about the meeting. It must contain the name of the sponsoring group and a telephone number for contacting them. Publicity will not be distributed by Library staff.
  • Use of a meeting room does not permit the distribution of flyers or placement of banners or posters elsewhere in the building, other than Library space that may be designated for the distribution of literature. Any literature must be taken from the room at the end of the meeting.
  • No activity may damage the walls, floors, ceiling, furnishings or equipment of the room. The person / organization designated on the application will be held liable for any damages incurred.


The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to personal materials in conjunction with the use of the library or its equipment.

  • Permission to use library space is not an endorsement by the Library or Midland County.
  • Any individual or organization not complying with all rules and regulations may be denied the use of library meeting rooms in the future.

Additional Information

The Library Director will decide questions regarding interpretation of the above regulations. Please fill out this online form and call 432-742-7420 to reserve this room.