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Note: Due to COVID-19 health concerns, all in-person library programming has been suspended until further notice. For virtual storytimes, visit our YouTube channel here.

Midland County Public Libraries is a great place for children to explore and discover! Storytimes are available for children aged 0 to 6, which feature books, songs, activities, and play time. Children aged 6 to 12 can attend movies each Saturday with free popcorn, discover the hidden secrets of our changing exhibits, and attend programs designed for both education and enjoyment all throughout the year. Our libraries offer recurring special events every year - such as Dr. Seuss's Birthday Party, Summer Reading Kick-Off, and the Fall Festival, but we have programs for children all year round!

Our staff is also dedicated to helping children succeed in school. We assist students with their homework by helping them locate books from our collection and directing them to our online resources and other useful websites. Search through our collection of e-books, music streaming, and databases in Digital Resources!

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Looking for some resources to help your little one in school? Sign up for a virtual session with our staff to get some guidance on schoolwork and other helpful tips this school year!

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Texas Bluebonnet


Each year, students typically in grades 3 - 6 read from a list of 20 nominated books. In January, they get to vote on which book(s) they loved the most! Check out the 2019-2020 winners and view the 2020-2021 Master List. Check in with the MCPL staff for Bluebonnet events! 

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Five Essential Skills

Being a baby and a toddler can be more work than parents might realize. Everything for them is a chance to learn and helps prepare them to enter preschool and kindergarten. There are many fun activities that help prepare little ones for these milestones in their lives and prepare them to continue learning and growing. These transitions are not any easier on a child's parents and caregivers. here are five essential skills to navigate child development!


Parents can assist learning by creating activities such as making a color game out of stacking blocks or racing cars. A game of playing in a kitchen can become an exploration of vocabulary and healthy eating. Playing with stuffed animals can awaken a child's imagination, compassion, kindness, and sharing.


Children of all ages should be included in the conversations and addressed directly no matter what a parent might be doing. Talk to them about objects, about colors, about the chores being done in their presence because these simple conversations will help them learn vocabulary and begin developing basic communication skills.


Singing is important even for developing minds, something scientists believe reach out before a baby is born. Songs can be the first language babies are exposed to and it can carry with them as they grow. Singing to children and babies helps cement the parent-child bond. It is much stronger with the parent doing the singing and not CDs or the radio. This aids in language and emotional development for the baby and the direct human contact it requires.


Reading is an essential skill to prepare young children for kindergarten and can be one of the most complex. Staring with the Alphabet Song and making books a part of bedtime from birth is a great way to get started.


Being able to understand the shape of letters helps preschool aged children to recognize the letter on sight. This sight recognition aids in the process of learning to read and can make it a little easier for children to grasp. Add in drawing to make things more fun and help with the motor skills needed to write properly. Use crayons or big pencils. Going high tech with apps that can be found for smartphones and tablets can also be useful for making learning to write rewarding and entertaining.