Unique Media Options

At Midland County Public Libraries, we want to offer our patrons as much to explore as possible. We have a large collection for DVDs, Blu-rays, and audiobooks for our youth. 

In the children's and young adult collections, unique media options can be found for all ages. Playaway Launchpads are preloaded with educational games (tablets), Playaway Views (digital video player), Playaways (digital recording players), and Book Packs (book and matching Playaway). Visit our Library Cards page for loan period information.

Media Players

Image of launchpad tablet computers


Launchpads are tablet computers that are preloaded with games of different subjects. The content is meant to fun, but also to be educational. Content might be math, English, science, or animals and each launchpad is separated by ages to help patrons choose the right launchpad for their child’s age ( 3 to 5, 5 to 7, 7 to 10, 10 and over, and Teens). For the older children and teens, they can get help with test prep such as the SAT and more.

Playaway and headphones digital audio player


Playaways are digital audio players that come loaded with audiobooks for children and teens.  These books range through ages, topics, and literature genres and can be found for kids 5 and up. Each set comes with the appropriate battery.

All that is required from the patron is a set of headphones, ear buds, or a co-aux cable to connect the player to a car radio (see car to check if the port is available).

Playaway view portable digital video player

Playaway Views

Long car trips or standing in long lines can be trying on children. Being able to offer them something to watch can help soothe their restlessness. The Midland County Public Libraries offers a portable digital video player, a Playaway View, that comes preloaded with educational and fun videos for the children. The charger cord is included with each player. All that a patron needs to provide is a pair of headphones or ear buds for the sound.

In the teen collection, players come loaded with several videos that all match a specific movie series, such as Ghostbusters and Spider-Man.

Bookpacks  audio book and book with headphones


Early readers sometimes need a little help with recognizing the sound and the shape of words. Having the book to look at and having someone read the book to them can help them learn sight words and how to speak them. 

Even older children can enjoy listening to someone read a book to them while they follow along with the text. Midland County Public Libraries offer Bookpacks to children and teens. These kits come with a Playaway that is loaded with the books audio book and a physical copy of the book(s).