Chief Deputy Rory McKinney


Chief Deputy Rory McKinney is a long resident of Midland County. Chief McKinney comes from a long family line of peace officers and his sons are following in the same tradition. Chief McKinney started his career with Midland County Sheriff’s Office in 1986. Chief McKinney was sworn in as a peace officer in 1988 and currently holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.


During his career, Chief McKinney has advanced through the ranks to Criminal Investigation Narcotic Sergeant in 1993, Special Crimes Sergeant in 1996, Criminal Investigation Lieutenant in 1998 and Public Safety Division Captain in 2002 before taking the Chief Deputy Position in 2016. As the highest ranking non-elected member of the Sheriff’s Office, he continues to serve by being responsible for overseeing the daily operation of all major divisions of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.


During Chief McKinney’s leadership tenure, the department has experienced many advancements; Chief McKinney assisted with increasing the number of officer; developing task force to address oil field theft, task force on narcotic stings, task force on gangs and violent crimes, and task force to assist the Marshal Service for wanted fugitives. Chief McKinney has accomplish numerous developments for Midland County Sheriff’s Office in all departments throughout the agency.


Chief McKinney is currently on the Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy board and is a member of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas cold case review team. Chief McKinney holds memberships with Sheriffs’ Association of Texas, Western States Sheriffs’ Association and Big Bend Area Law Enforcement Officers Association. Chief McKinney has a passionate interest and focus on leadership development of his staff. Chief McKinney has a reputation as a respected peace officer and leader by training, discipline, accountability, and stimulating creativity and growth. Chief McKinney was the recipient of the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year / Greg McFarlin-Max Banks Award in 2017.

Chief McKinney is committed to building Midland County Sheriff’s Office and continue external relationships and focuses on strong customer service for the public.