First page$26.00
Each additional page$4.00
Each additional name to be indexed in excess of 5$0.25
Double the filing fee for that page if it fails to meet one or more of the requirements (LGC 191.007 (h))N/A
Penalty Fee for no grantee's address on any document$25.00
Federal tax liens and releases$31.00
State tax liens, releases and abstracts - Filed by the State$16.00
Maps and plats - small$61.00
Maps and plats - large$81.00
Assumed name / DBA or abandonment with 1 owner *unincorporated$23.00
Each additional owner listed$0.50
Brand and Marks application   (1 application per species)$26.00
Each additional location on same type of animal$5.00
Bonds to indemnify with 1 page and 1 service$137.00
Each additional page$4.00
Each additional service$100.00
Each additional notice of service$4.00
Military discharge recording and copiesNo fee
Returned check fee$30.00
Copies per page$1.00
Certification of copies$5.00
Copy of plat on large paper$10.00


Birth Certificate$23.00 Each
Death Certificate $21.00 1st copy 
Each additional copy of a Death Certificate ordered at the same time$4.00 Each
Application for Marriage License $82.00
Application for Marriage License with premarital education certificate from Twogether in Texas$22.00
Declaration of Informal Marriage $47.00

civil filing fees

Effective 1/1/2022 new base consolidated filing fees. SB41.  Issuance and service fees are not included.  

Eminent Domain $350.00
Occupational Drivers License / Essential Needs License $350.00
Appeal from JP Court $350.00
Petition for Non Disclosure $350.00
Liquor License Certification / per signature $5.00
Action other than original / Third Party intervention$80.00
Bond Forfeiture with 1 citation issued and personally served by the Sheriff's office. $321.00

probate filing fees

Effective 1/1/2022 new base consolidated filing fee. SB41.  Issuance and service fees are not included.  Effective 9/1/2023 a $750.00 Attorney Ad Litem fee is included in all Heirship and Guardianship filing fees.

Application to probate will for Letters Testamentary$360.00
Application to probate will as a Muniment of Title$360.00
Application for Letters of Administration$360.00
Application for Determination of Heirship$1110.00
Small Estate Affidavit$360.00
Application for Guardianship (Adult)$1110.00
Application for Guardianship (Minor under 12)$1110.00
Application for Temporary Guardianship (Adult)$1110.00
Application for Temporary Guardianship (Minor under 12$1110.00
Application for Mental Health Services $470.00
Adverse Probate Action $120.00

All Other Fees

Inventory, appraisement and list of claims *if filed after the 90th day after the date qualified or filed after the granted extension date $25.00
Lengthy Delayed Probate Document$25.00
Affidavit in lieu of filing InventoryNo Fee
Order signed by the Judge     * Probate/Guardianship only$2.00
Decree Removing Executor / Guardian $1.00
Signed Continuance $0.10
Claim$10 .00
Approving Bond$5.00
Issuing Letters or Abstracts$2.00
Issuing Citation / Writs$8.00
Personal service by the Sheriff's Office$100.00
Posting by the Sheriff's Office$30.00
Citation by publication$100.00
Service by certified mail$100.00
Service of Writ by Sheriff's Office$200.00
Non certified paper copies$1.00
Non certified electronic copies per document$0.10 per page $1 minimum
Clerk's certification$5.00
Exemplified or Authenticated certificate$10.00 
Will for safekeeping$5.00 
Registration for private professional guardian$30.00
Probate Search Fee$5.00