Policy - Minors

Behavior and Supervision of Minors in Midland County Public Libraries

Midland County Public Libraries welcomes children.

Parents/caregivers are responsible for their child’s safety and behavior while on library premises whether the parent/caregiver is present or not. Library employees cannot function as caregivers or babysitters. The library is not equipped—and it is not the library’s role—to provide long-or short-term childcare. The library assumes neither responsibility nor liability for the actions, care, supervision, or safety of minors.

For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible adult must accompany children under age ten (10) when they are using the library premises. This responsible individual must supervise, guide, and control the behavior of his/her charge/charges at all times.

Children and teens ages 10-17 may use the library on their own provided they comply with the Rules of Conduct for Midland County Public Libraries. However, they are still legally the responsibility of their parents and should have emergency contact information available.

When a minor is unattended or under-attended/ignored, he/she may be asked to leave the library if:

  • the behavior of the child is disruptive or inappropriate (or)
  • the child appears to be a danger to herself or himself or others (or)
  • the child appears to be threatened by others (or)
  • the child appears to threaten, bully or intimidate others (or)
  • the child appears to be ill or upset (or)

If a minor child is not able to leave the library without an adult, he/she should not be in the library without an adult. All children should have the telephone number of someone who can assist them in an emergency.

Library staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian of the child immediately. In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be located within a reasonable period of time, staff may contact law enforcement.