Inmate Phone Calls

How does an inmate make a phone call?

Inmates at the Midland County Jail are not allowed to receive phone calls.

Inmates can place collect calls to phone numbers where collect calls are not restricted.

Advance Pay Calls:

Advance Pay accounts are set up by the party receiving the calls.

•    The party receiving the calls should contact Securus at 1-800-844-6591 to obtain instructions

•    The inmate dials the phone number

•    The system determines if an Advance Pay account exists and if so, places the call

•    The receiving party must accept the call

•    The cost of the call is deducted from the Advance Pay account balance

Jail Phone Call Rules:

•    Calls may be recorded and/or monitored

•    Any attempt to call transfer or conference call will disconnect the call

•    Calls to some phone numbers may be restricted 

Attorney Information Regarding Recording of Phone Calls:

•    Securus, Midland County Sheriff’s Office, inmate telephone provider, has the capability to monitor and record all outgoing inmate telephone calls made from inside its detention facility. The Sheriff’s Office does not intentionally monitor or record privileged telephone calls, Attorneys are required to contact Securus to ensure this does not occur.