Vision, Mission & Core Values


The death investigators will be recognized for striving to adopt new scientific and investigative methods to evaluate the scene, the body, and the decedent’s history, providing the Justice of the Peace with evidence of cause, timing, and manner of the death.


The investigators are dedicated men and women with a calling to assist the Justice of the Peace and other law enforcement agencies in investigating deaths, including homicides, suicides, accidental, suspicious, and unattended deaths that fall under their jurisdiction.

Core Values

Professionalism: As law enforcement professionals, we live and work in a fishbowl; the world is watching. Therefore, the investigator’s conduct and demeanor display the highest standard of personal excellence.

Honesty: Investigators are dedicated to searching for the truth in each case, striving to be honest, just, and courteous to every person with whom they come in contact.

Integrity: It is critical to adhere to moral and ethical principles when conducting an investigation of a tragic event such as a death. The investigation of the death should reflect objective, independent observations based on factual determinations, giving an honest and unbiased report no matter how that report affects those involved