Investigator Gilbert Villarreal

Investigator Villarreal was born and raised in Midland, Texas. He started his law enforcement career in 2014 with the Midland County Sheriff's Office as a Jailer. During his time as a Jailer, he received a letter of recognition from Captain R. Graham for his performance in finding contraband and maintaining the facility's safety and security. He also joined the Special Response Unit and later became a Team Leader for one of the three teams. 

Investigator Villarreal attended the Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy in 2017. After completion of the academy, he became a Patrol Deputy for the Midland County Sheriff's Office. As a Patrolman, he joined the Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) in 2017. While on SWAT, he trained and worked in versatile positions such as breach, grenadier, sniper, and apprehend team. Investigator Villarreal then became a Field Training Officer for the Sheriff's Office and was responsible for documenting and reporting the progression of Probationary Police Deputies.

Investigator Villarreal is currently a Death Investigator for the Justice Court in Midland, Texas, and has received several certifications of completion for training courses recognized by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement. Additionally, he received training in; Officer Response to Victim-Precipitated Suicide which gives a better understanding of underlying reasons of "suicide by cop," Homicide Investigations, Human Remains Identification, Statement Analysis Forensics, Crime Scene Management, Crime Scene Investigation (Intermediate).