Do I have to plat my land?

Texas law requires a land owner to prepare a plat of their land and obtain approval of the plat from either the City or the County in certain situations. When land lies within the ETJ, the subdivision and platting regulations of the City of Midland apply. Please contact the City of Midland Planning and Zoning department at 432-688-7400 for information on the City’s subdivision and platting regulations. When land lies within the boundaries of Midland County and outside of the ETJ, Midland County’s subdivision regulations determine whether you must plat your land. In general, a plat is required whenever land is divided into two or more parts for the purposes of laying out a subdivision, lots, or streets, or alleys.

There are certain exceptions to the platting requirement. For example, in some circumstances platting may not be required if the land is divided for agricultural use or for sale to a family member, or if all of the resulting lots are 10 acres or larger and there are no streets, alleys, or parks for the use of the public or the lot owners.

If a subdivision plat is required, the plat must meet all requirements of Midland County, must be filed with the Midland County Clerk and must be approved by the Commissioners Court. For a copy of Midland County’s subdivision regulations please call 432-688-4310. Texas laws regarding subdivisions can be found at Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 232.

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