Complaints & Compliments

We always encourage feedback from the public, whether it is positive or negative, to ensure we are on the right path in serving our community and have in place the proper training needed.


If you would like to submit a compliment to the Sheriff's Office about a good encounter you had with an officer of the department, please download and fill out the Compliment Form (PDF), and email it to us.


The Midland County Sheriff's office is committed to providing professional, high quality services to all citizens. Midland County Sheriff's Office does not tolerate misconduct or wrongdoing on the part of its staff. If individuals believe they have been subjected to, or witnessed, Law Enforcement misconduct of any type, Midland County Sheriff's Office encouraged them to report the incident.

Midland County Sheriff's Office is responsible for ensuring that complaints of officer misconduct are investigated and handled properly. If the conduct is a matter of procedural error it may be forward to the Division Captain for follow‐up.

Things to Remember When Making a Complaint

When filing a complaint, the following information is very important when describing the event:

  • The day, date, time, and location of the incident
  • The officer's name, badge number, and physical description
  • Witnesses' name(s), address, and phone numbers
  • License numbers for any vehicle(s) involved in the incident
  • Any other evidence you feel may be important, such as copies of traffic tickets, incident reports, photographs, and medical records. If you have injuries, include their nature and extent.

It is vitally important that you file your complaint as soon as possible. You have the right to make a complaint against a officer for any improper police conduct. This agency may find after investigating the complaint, there is not enough evidence to warrant action on your complaint. Even if that is the case, you have the right to make the complaint and have it investigated if you believe the officer behaved improperly. This complaint form is an official record of the Midland County Sheriff's Office. It is against the law to make a complaint that you know to be false and you may be charged and prosecuted for a crime.


  • Must be completed by a person who is over the age of 18 or legal guardian / parent if under 18 years of age and has personal knowledge of the events.
  • Download the appropriate complaint form.
  • Bring completed form to Midland County Sheriff's Office with proper government identification.
  • You can receive the complaint from in person or call 432-688-4620 with any questions.
  • Important: Do not sign the complaint form until advised by Midland County Sheriff's Office personnel.