142nd District Court

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Types of Hearings

  • Civil and Criminal Bench Trials
  • Civil and Criminal Jury Trials
  • Civil and Criminal Motions
  • Civil default judgments
  • Civil pretrial matters
  • Civil summary judgments
  • Criminal First and Final Pre-trials are every Thursday via email announcements from defense counsel
  • Guilty Pleas are every Thursday at 2:30 p.m.

Jury / Non-Jury Trial Schedules

  • Civil and Criminal Jury Trials are scheduled by the Court with dockets sent to counsel in advance. Generally, the Court schedules 1 Civil Jury week and 2 to 3 Criminal Jury weeks each month. 
  • Under certain circumstances, special settings are made. 
  • Bench Trials (Non-Jury Trials) are scheduled by separate order. 
  • Tax cases are held every third Tuesday of the month. For any information regarding tax cases please call the Midland County Central Appraisal District and speak to one of their representatives at 432-699-4991. 

Felony Arraignments

Felony arraignments happen every Friday at 8:30 a.m. Midland County District Judges alternate presiding over arraignments. 

Active Warrant for a Failure to Appear

Attention - To check the status of an active warrant for a failure to appear, please contact your bondsman or your attorney.

Civil Trial Weeks for 2023