Mental Health Court

Read the participants manual (PDF) to find out about the program.

If you are interested in referring someone to the Mental Health Court, please have the candidate complete a consent form (PDF) and turn it in to the 238th District Court Coordinator. I you have any questions, please call the Coordinator at 432-688-4380.

  1. Program Description
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. Referral / Acceptance to Mental Health Court

The Midland County Mental Health Court Program (MHC) is a voluntary program for offenders who are mentally ill. The program consists of:

  • Attendance at substance abuse classes and drug and alcohol testing, if needed
  • Frequent appearances before the MHC judge
  • Intensive supervision of clients by a mental health professional
  • Mandatory mental health counseling
  • Regular attendance at group counseling sessions

At the beginning of the program, staff controls the participant’s risk through frequent drug testing, meetings with the probation officer and treatment team, and frequent court attendance. As the participant moves through the program, he will begin to understand and learn about his mental illness, addiction, and how to control his own life. Once this is accomplished, the participant moves from risk-control to self-risk management.

The entire program length, which is determined by the participant’s progress, will not be less than 12 months.