Public Works

The Midland County Department of Public Works serves County Residents by supporting infrastructure efforts and infrastructure - residents interface.  New County Road construction projects are a large part of the services our department provides.  Needs identification, design support, bidding and construction of new roads under the guidance of the Commissioners Court is an important process within this department.  In addition, regulatory documentation are managed within the department.  Developers, business owners and citizens of the county can utilize this department to facilitate subdivisions, plats and regulatory permits.  These permits include driveway permits, ROW crossing permits, use of ROW permits and more.  Our subdivision regulations can help guide developers and contractors toward successful completion of projects that meet the standards the Commissioners Court has set forth.

 Our department is limited to the above services.  For existing county road maintenance issues, the Midland County Road and Bridge Department is of service.  Also note that the City of Midland and State of Texas hold authority over their assets within the County.  The overlapping regulations and governing bodies can be intimidating and confusing.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call – we are here to serve.

Public Notice: Texas Local Government Code

Noticia Publica: Código de gobierno local de Texas