Road Projects

  1. SCR 1313 Closure

Trunk Sewer Line Q Project
Beginning Monday, July 24th, 2023,  Harper Brothers Construction (Utility Contractor for the City of Odessa) will begin installation of Sewer Line Q along SCR 1313.  This will include a “Road Closed to Thru Traffic”  from BI-20 north service road to Bankhead Hwy (WCR 122).  Construction includes the installation of  a sewer main line, testing, and full street replacement along SCR 1313.  Closure is expected to be completed by October 30, 2023.  Residents living on SCR 1313 will be able to have access to their properties as construction is ongoing.  Citizens are asked to follow all Traffic Control devices, find alternate routes if needed, and expect delays.  City of Odessa Contractor:  Harper Brothers Construction (346) 639-6722.

SCR 1313 TCP

  1. SCR 1210 Reconstruction
  1. TxDot Project: Cotton Flat Rd/I-20 Bridge
  1. CR 1270 Phase 2
  1. CR 120 Phase 1
  1. Change in Squence/Traffic Control on Reconstruction of CR 1050 and ECR 110
  1. ECR 120 Phase 2

Reconstruction of ECR 120 Phase 2

 Midland County is pleased to announce the Reconstruction of CR 120 Phase 2. Construction will begin in May of 2023 and is expected to be complete by May of 2024. The limits of this project are on CR 120 beginning at SH 158 due east 7 miles to FM 1379.

This project will be constructed in two phases, the first phase will begin May of 2023 and its limits are CR 120 from SH 158 to SCR 1130. The next phase will commence after the first phase is done and includes CR 120 from SCR 1130 to the end of the project on the east side of FM 1379.

The project consists of complete removal and reconstruction of the driving surface, as well as installation of box culverts in Midland Draw.

120 Phase 2 Traffic Noti

  1. SCR 1210 & WCR 118: Temp Light
  1. SCR 1260 Intersection Closure