Attorney Information

Requesting a Transcript

  • Call Danielle Hinesly, the official Court Reporter of the 318th District Court at 432-688-4394 the cause number, style of the case, and date of hearing.
  • The Court Reporter will then “reply” with a total dollar amount to be paid by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or personal check at the discretion of the Court Reporter.

Marking Exhibits

  • Prior to trial, mark all exhibits with sequential numbers beginning with 1, 2, 3, and so on. Do not use alphabet letters.
  • Prior to trial, provide a list of numbered exhibits to the Court Reporter.

Requesting a Hearing

  • Unless you want a hearing set at the court’s convenience, request potential hearing dates from the Court Coordinator via email with all parties copied on the email.
  • The Coordinator will then “reply all” with available dates and times.
  • Please do not copy the Court Coordinator with all the discussions of which date is best.
  • Once the parties have agreed to a date and time, e-file the request. You may send a copy to the Court Coordinator via email.
  • All Orders for hearing must have the Style of the Case.

Requesting a Continuance or Resetting

  • Prior to contacting the Court, both parties must confer with each other in order to avoid unnecessary court time.
  • If both parties are in agreement, please file your agreed motion and submit an agreed order for the Judges approval.