Defensive Driving Information

Driving Safety Course Request

With few exceptions, you have the right to complete a driving safety course if you are charged with violating the traffic laws. You do not have the right to complete the course if you hold a commercial drivers license, if you held a commercial drivers license when the offense was committed, if you are charged with passing a school bus, failing to stop and give information or render aid following an accident, or a traffic offense committed on a construction and maintenance work zone while workers were present, or if you were speeding 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit.

Course Requirements

You must have a valid Texas driver’s license or permit, or you must be a member of the United States military forces on active duty. You must have proof of liability insurance. You may not take the course if you are currently signed up to take the course at the time of this request, or if you have completed such a course within the 12 months preceding the date of the offense.

In order to take an approved Driving Safety Course, you must elect and request to do so prior to completing a certified course with approval by the court before your due date. You must complete the request form (PDF) and return it to the Court with a copy of your proof of liability insurance and payment of costs. This request must be received by the Court prior to the appearance date on your ticket and prior to completing a defensive driving course.. If you intend to use the mail, your request must be postmarked on or before the answer date on your ticket.


A defendant who is younger that 17 years of age must appear in court with a parent or guardian, or managing conservator, to enter a plea and request to take a Defensive Driving Course.