Defense Media Access

Access to Digital Media Evidence

The Midland County District Attorneys Office utilizes Tech Share Prosecutor as its case management system. As such, all evidence received by our office is received electronically. Defense attorneys may access all evidence in a case from the comfort of their office through the defense media portal. This portal is designed only for Defense Attorneys and cannot be accessed by prosecutors.

Accessing the Defense Portal

To receive access to the Defense Portal, an attorney or his staff must first fill out an Internet Evidence Access Agreement. Please return the form to our office. We will accept a faxed or emailed copy. Our fax number is 432-688-4938 or email the completed from to the District Attorney's Office.

Once we have your signed agreement, we will set you up as a user.You can then access your cases and the evidence attached to them via the online portal.


If you have problems, please contact the Defense Portal Helpline by calling 512-833-8303 or by emailing the help desk.

You can also view frequently asked questions about the portal.