Find / Pay Tickets


Midland County will be among law enforcement agencies across Texas participating in this year’s Warrant Round Up. Local law enforcement will join other regional participants in this annual event to locate individuals with outstanding warrants. The Round Up is scheduled to begin Saturday, February 27th.

County Law Enforcement officials are encouraging individuals with warrants to contact the appropriate court to resolve their cases voluntarily. 

You may pay GHS over the phone at 877-439-1900, or you may pay online at either, or  You may also pay in person with a credit card or money order to Midland County Warrants Services at 709 West Washington, Midland, Texas 79701 or go to the Midland County Website at to pay online with a credit card.

Under Texas Law, individuals who appear before a court and make a good faith effort to resolve their outstanding Class C Warrants are afforded safe harbor and not subject to arrest. Additionally, if a judgment is rendered against an individual who is unable to pay the judgment, the individual may request a judge to assess their ability to pay and offer alternative means to satisfy the judgment. 

Once the arrest period begins, officers will aggressively seek out wanted individuals. Arrests can take place at any location, including the defendant’s home, school or workplace. 

For more information about warrants defendants must contact the appropriate court.

Find Your Ticket

All Class C Misdemeanor tickets, which you received from a Midland County law enforcement officer, can be found online.

Pleading Not Guilty

If you wish to plead not guilty, use the not guilty plea form (PDF).

Payment Methods

You may make your remittance by money order or credit card only (cash not accepted). Please make payable to the Justice Court indicated on your citation. Please return your copy of the Citation with your remittance to assure proper credit.

If you are paying your citation in full, online, with a credit card, you can pay that now. Please remember if you pay online you will be charged a 5% convenience fee.  

You must first obtain permission from the court to pay your fines over a period of time. A $15 time payment fee will be added for each offense.

Financial Hardships

If you have a financial hardship or are indigent and unable to pay the fine and costs in your case, there are alternative methods to discharge your fine, such as payments plans, community service or a waiver of all or part of your fine and costs. To determine your eligibility for an alternative method, you must appear in person to request and complete the appropriate forms and request a hearing before the Judge.

If you do not live in Midland, you must send detailed correspondence to the Court regarding your financial situation. Access the indigent affidavit form (PDF).