Library Advisory Board


The advisory board meets at 4 p.m. the second Tuesday of most months. 

mission statement

To assist the Head Librarian and the Midland County Commissioners Court to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the Midland County Public Library by providing ideas, innovations, and recommendation from a user perspective, and to help serve as a conduit for public awareness and feedback on the state of the library and its service and relevance. 


Alyson Trevino, Chairman - Term: 2017-2019 (2nd)

Roy L. Geer, Vice Chairman - Term: 2018-2020 (1st)

Elizabeth Richmond, Secretary - Term: 2017-2019 (2nd)

Kenneth M. Morris - Term: 2018-2020 (2nd)

Leah K. Ellis - Term: 2019-2021 (2nd)

Cynthia Truitt - Term: 2019-2021 (1st)

Sharon Ziegler - Term: 2018-2020 (1st)

Tracy Gomez - Term: 2019-2021 (1st)

Andy Shaffer - Term: 2017-2019 (3rd)

Wes Perry - Term: Undetermined  MCPL Foundation President