Room Reservations

Meeting Rooms

Midland County Public Libraries has several free public meeting rooms available. Before submitting reservation requests for a meeting room, please read the full MCPL Meeting Room Policy (PDF). A few key points include: 

  • Library programs receive first consideration in scheduling room events.
  • Rooms may be reserved without charge for nonprofit use. The rooms may not be used for commercial business use. All programs and meetings held in the rooms must be free. Fees, dues, or donations cannot be charged or solicited. Merchandise or services may not be sold or solicited.
  • Birthday parties and other celebrations are not allowed in the rooms.
  • The library is a tobacco, vaping, and alcohol-free space.
  • The rooms are available only during the normal operating hours of the library.
  • Any cancellations or changes should be submitted to Adult Services library staff immediately.

To reserve a meeting room space, please contact the Adult Services staff at 432-742-7420 (Centennial) or 432-688-4328 (Downtown) and complete the Room Reservation form (external link).

Centennial Conference Room
Centennial Meeting Room
Downtown Conference Room
Downtown Meeting Room
Max Capacity: 10
Max Capacity: 176
Max Capacity: 43
Max Capacity: 68

Study Rooms are currently unavailable

Midland County Public Libraries offer several collaborative spaces for use without charge to individuals and nonprofit, educational, cultural or civic organizations when they are not in use for Library-sponsored or Library-related programming. These study rooms may not be used for commercial or business purposes, must be free of charge, and must be tobacco and alcohol-free.

Study rooms are available only during normal operating hours. All rooms close 15 minutes before the library.

  • Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Any cancellations or changes should be submitted to Library staff immediately. Groups or individuals that cancel meetings without notifying the Library may be denied the use of rooms in the future.
  • No group may assign its space or reservation to another group.
  • Subsequent reservations may be made by phone by the group's representative.