Petroleum Collection

The Petroleum Collection has been in existence since 1935, when the West Texas Geological Society voted to sponsor a technical library.  The department is maintained through the gifts and donations of its patrons and local petroleum organizations and societies. 

The periodical collection contains a large selection of magazines including these popular titles: Oil and Gas Journal, Water and Wastes Digest, AAPG Bulletin and Explorer, SPE Journal, and many more.

The book collection contains titles from some of the leading organizations in the region and in the world, including but not limited to: AAPG, AIME, EG, GSA, USBM, USDA, USDE, and USGS.

The collection is housed at the Downtown Library. For more information please Ask a Librarian or call 432-688-4320.

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Acronym Key

AAPG-American Association of Petroleum Geologists JSP- Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 
AIME-(SPE) American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers  NEG-Northeastern Geology 
AJS-American Journal of Science  PF-Petroleum Frontiers 
AM-American Mineralogist  SD-Sedimentology 
API-American Petroleum Institute  SEG-Society of Exploration Geophysicists 
AS-American Scientist SEPM-Society for Sedimentary Geology 
EC-Engineering Committee (Field Reports)  SSA –Seismological Society of America 
EG-Economic Geology  USBM-United States Bureau of Mines 
GP-Geophysical Prospecting  USDA-United States Department of Agriculture 
GSA-Geological Society of America  USDE-United States Department of Energy 
GY-Geophysics  USGS-B-United States Geological Survey Bulletin 
JG-Journal of Geology  USGS-C-United States Geological Survey Circular 
JGR-Journal of Geophysical Research  USGS-PP-United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 
JP-Journal of Paleontology  USGS-WSP-United States Geological Survey Water Supply Paper